Klin Boxers

The boxer is proud, has great strength and agility,
yet playful.

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ABC’S of our boxers

Affectionate - Angel

Best friends - Brody

Character - Carley

Boxer puppies are purebred dogs that descent from Germany. They generally stand between 21 and 25 inches in height and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. The Boxer puppy is a muscular, happy, intelligent, and friendly breed that grows close bonds with its human family.

Boxer Puppies for Sale

About K-LIN Boxers

K-Lin Boxers is operated and owned by a loving family whose goal is to raise good boxer puppies in Intercourse PA and find them loving homes where all of their puppies will be raised indoors, with lots of love and care. Linda the owner is a mother to a 23 year old boy and a 19 year old girl who help her raise and socialize all of their boxer puppies. She has been raising and breeding boxers for over 17 years in Pennsylvania.

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